My 2year old son has been behaving strangely for weeks, refusing to leave the house even for his favorite playground. After 1 session of SRT clearing to remove a negative program, he is now a happy kid again, eagerly looking forward to his playground time."

Sally, Mum of 2kids, March 2009

I was suffering from chronic insomnia and depressive negative emotions ever since I was cheated financially and emotionally by a close friend in a business venture and lost close to 2 million dollars. After 3 sessions of SRT clearing, I was finally able to release bulk of the depressive negative emotions from the traumatic experience. I was finally able to sleep again.

Anthony, Dentist, April 2009

SRT clearing helped harmonized the energy in the office. Productivity went up and most importantly, sales increased.

Allen, Founder, Rice Barn Pte Ltd, May 2009

My father in law was advised by the Doctor to go to a heart specialist to do detailed check on his heart condition. Fearing any negative outcome, he refused to visit the heart specialist and ran away from home. After the 1st session of SRT clearing, he returned home. After the 2nd session of SRT clearing, he decided to visit the heart specialist. The outcome of his checkup was all fine as the negative programs pertaining to his heart was cleared during the 2nd SRT clearing.

Mrs Lim, Manager, July 2009

My 7year old daughter feared and hated visits to dentists. She would scream and kick her way throughout past visits to dentists. Her decayed tooth needed attention of a dentist. After 2 sessions of SRT clearing, she willingly went to the dentist to fix her tooth and even asked when we will be going back again to see the dentist.

Audrey, Business Owner, www.singaporednatesting.com, August 2009

I travel a lot for my work. I used to feel uneasy and was unable to get much sleep whenever I had to stay in hotel rooms. Now I get Remote Spiritual Healing done for the hotel room that I will occupy even before I travel. I can sleep very well and have great rest whenever I travel."

Wendy, Regional Sales Manager, Dec 2009

I bought a resale flat and moved in a couple of months ago. It was very strange, the living room was always warm and humid, similar to the weather in Singapore. However, my master bedroom was always cool, sometimes even cold, on hot days. I often experienced goose bums in that room and felt very uncomfortable in my own room. After Remote Space Clearing, which includes removal of entities residing there, my entire flat now feels calm and peaceful. My master bedroom is no longer cold."

Vel, Engineer, April 2010

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